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Ambiguous Places

Akira Ikeda
Uron na tokoro
Japan 2017 / 93’
All You Can Eat Buddha Angels Wear White

Sometimes you wake up and think, "This is not my day." Sometimes you wake up and you can't think because there's a strange insect protruding from your head. Then you know it's really not your day. That's the situation that Konoko is in, having woken up on the beach tangled up in a fishing net. She reaches a nearby town where some unbelievable things are happening. It's a place where a hairdresser makes decisions about pregnancies, gloves are sewn with a potter's wheel and the noodles are so tasty you can buy them in exchange for your own father. During a Q&A session after a screening of the film, cinematographer Mizuki Osada confessed that during the filming of Ambiguous Places, the crew mixed up the order of the scenes they had filmed. Viewers may also feel lost when they try to tackle the puzzle prepared by the director. Layers of pure nonsense pile up like in one of Roy Andersson's dreams. The viewer falls into a web of disturbing events, odd rituals, unintelligible situations, as if the tongue needed to explain them went numb after being stung by a jellyfish.

Maciej Stasiowski

Akira Ikeda

Born in 1976 in Tokyo, Akira Ikeda studied English Literature. He is a director and collector of dreams. Recently, during a visit to the International Film Festival in Rotterdam (the previous time, in 2014, he received the Hivos Tiger Award for Anatomy of a Paperclip),he admired Jan Švankmajer's Insect, which in large measure explains the surreal inclinations and narrative asceticism of his films. While critics wanted to see Anatomy of a Paperclipas a Japanese version Eraserhead, even David Lynch would need an additional session of meditation after seeing Ambiguous Places.


2006 Blue Monkey

2013 Anatomia spinacza

2017 Mętne obszary / Uron na tokoro / Ambiguous Places

Cast & Crew

director Akira Ikeda
screenplay Akira Ikeda
cinematography Osada Mizuki
editing Akira Ikeda
cast Sumii Kujirako, Shiba Hirofumi, Ota Michi, Miyamoto Natsu
producer Usui Chizuru
production Happy Tent
language Japanese
colouration colour