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The Village of Swimming Cows

Katarzyna Trzaska
Wieś pływających krów
Poland 2018 / 78’
The Seen and Unseen The World Is Yours

Three young Berliners associated with the Spirit Center, which looks after the spiritual development of its members through yoga, meditation, shamanic rituals and survival lessons in the forest, decide to go to the Polish countryside and to try to survive here. As befits true pilgrims, Ellen, Mario and Jon head east to an area on the Poland-Belarus border, where they rent a 100-year-old wooden house from a farmer named Stanisław. They want to spend the summer there, working in the fields and in contact with nature and a culture that they consider unspoiled by civilization. Trzaska portrays the visitors and the locals as two different tribes that look upon one another with distrust through which also emerges a mutual fascination. From the point of view of the farmers, the Germans appear as harmless nuts (how can you not eat meat and bathe naked in front of the entire village?), whose sophistication and freedom can, however, be envied. While the Germans discover that running a farm is not a romantic idyll but rather hard work-but on their own land. Different lifestyles, different values, different languages, even different music-is there anything that these two different worlds have in common? Is it perhaps just the dream that somewhere lies a better, truer way of life?

Małgorzata Sadowska

Katarzyna Trzaska

Katarzyna Trzaskais a director and screenwriter. She studied at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia in Katowice. She made the medium-length documentaries 10 lat do Nashville (10 Years to Nashville, 2009) and Maksimum przyjemności (Maximum Pleasure, 2013). She also wrote the screenplays for and directed the television series Polacy z wyboru (Poles by Choice) and Przeznaczenie (Destiny). Her first full-length feature film, The Village of Swimming Cows, was an award winner in the East Doc Platform at Doc Lab Poland, which is associated with the Krakow Film Festival.

Selected filmography

2010 10 lat do Nashville (doc.)

2014 Maksimum przyjemności (doc.) 

2016 Humani (TV Movie)

2017 Wieś pływających krów / The Village of Swimming Cows

Cast & Crew

director Katarzyna Trzaska
screenplay Katarzyna Trzaska
cinematography Andrzej Wojciechowski
editing Marek Kucharski
music Bartłomiej Pałyga
producer Katarzyna Trzaska, Robert Zygmuntowski, Marek Żydowicz, Monika Braid
production ZYGIZAGA, fundacja TUMULT, TVP S.A. , Braidmade Films, PISF
sales ZYGIZAGA Robert Zygmuntowski
Polish distributor Solopan
language Polish, German,English
colouration colour