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Angels Wear White

Vivian Qu
Jia nian hua
China 2017 / 107’
Ambiguous Places Baronesa

Vivian Qu, who produced Diao Yinan's Black Coal, Thin Ice, the Golden Bear winner in Berlin in 2014, is back behind the camera. In her second film, she tells the story of underage girls who are sexually assaulted. Mia, a teenager who works as a hotel maid, replaces the receptionist for a night shift. A middle-aged man with two 12-year-old girls checks in. Sometime later, Mia sees the man breaking into the girls' room. She records the entire event on her phone, but she's afraid that if she tells anyone what happened, she'll lose her job and end up in an even worse situation. Using very simple means, the director creates a portrait of modern China that focuses primarily on women. The difficult of life leaves its mark on every generation. Rather than sympathizing with her characters, Qu takes the position of an impartial observer so as to accurately portray the complexity of the emotions that accompany life's most difficult moments.

Sławomir Wasiński

Vivian Qu

Vivian Qu (her real name is Wen Yan) was born and raised in Beijing. In the 1990s, she relocated to the United States to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in New York. After returning to China, she became a producer, screenwriter and director. Among other films, she produced Night Train (2007), Longing for the Rain (2013) and Black Coal, Thin Ice (2014). Angels Wear White qualified for the main competition at the 74th edition of the Venice Festival. Qu won a Best Director award at Taiwan's 54th Golden Horse Awards.


2013 Ulica pułapka / Shuiyin jie / Trap Street

2017 Anioły w bieli / Jia nian hua / Angels Wear White

Cast & Crew

director Vivian Qu
screenplay Vivian Qu
cinematography Benoît Dervaux
editing Yang Hongyu
music Wen Zi
cast Vicky Chen, Zhou Meijun, Shi Ke, Liu Weiwei, Geng Le, Zhang Xinyue, Peng Jing, Wang Yuexin, Li Mengnan
producer Sean Cheng
production 22 Hours Films, Mandrake Films, Wild Bunch
sales Wild Bunch
language Mandarin
colouration colour