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Inland Sea

Kazuhiro Sôda
Japan, USA 2018 / 122’
In the Realm of Perfection Jonaki

Inland Sea is the seventh film in Kazuhiro Sōda's cycle of observational films. This time, the Japanese director and his wife visit the port city of Ushimado to portray its subtle beauty. Visiting various corners of this quiet, nearly deserted place, he gets to know not only the town's charm but, above all, the stories of its inhabitants. Sōda, in typical fashion, closely examines the people and their daily work: as they look for the right area to fish, put out their nets and pull in an abundant catch. Sometimes he focuses on an old fisherman, then on a family feeding homeless neighborhood cats, and then on the owner of a fish shop who delivers her wares all around town. This is how the director goes about making a poetic portrait of a place whose best days are long in the past. Inland Sea is a successful attempt to put images of a long-ago world in a time capsule.

Sławomir Wasiński

Kazuhiro Sôda

Kazuhiro Sōda was born in the Tochigi Prefecture of Japan in 1970. He began his education in the field of Religious Studies at the University of Tokyo, and he also studied Film Direction at the School of Visual Arts. He is a documentary filmmaker who makes his permanent home in New York. Sōda is the director of an acclaimed cycle of observational films in which he portrays people and places; regardless of the subject, however, he always stands aside and allows the protagonists to speak for themselves and tell their own stories.

Selected filmography

1995 A Night in New York (short)

1996 Freezing Sunlight

2007 Campaign (doc.)

2008 Seishin (doc.)

2011 3.11 Sense of Home (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Kazuhiro Sôda
screenplay Kazuhiro Sōda
cinematography Kazuhiro Sōda
editing Kazuhiro Sōda
producer Kazuhiro Sōda, Kiyoko Kashiwagi
production Laboratory X
sales Tricoast
language Japanese
colouration b&w