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Milko Lazarow
Bulgaria, Germany, France 2018 / 98’
53 Wars All You Can Eat Buddha

Nanook and Sedna live alone in a frozen land somewhere in the north of Yakutia, where the snow is so white it burns your eyes and the frost causes your cheeks to tingle. Hunting caribou, fishing and tanning hides, they have lived together for many years, which, like the harsh climate, has left its mark on their tired, noble faces. However, hanging over the happy autumn of their lives are painful memories of their daughter, Ága, who left home years earlier. What happened between them? Is there any chance for a reconciliation? These questions come up again when the elderly couple is visited by Chen, a young boy who says that he saw Ága in the city, which might as well be in another galaxy. Bulgarian director Milko Lazarov explores the distance between monumental nature-evoking both humility and fear-and the advance of modernity. This enigmatic film-simultaneously slow-burning and spectacular-closed the main section of the Berlin Film Festival this year.

Adam Kruk

Milko Lazarow

Born in 1967, Milko Lazarov is a Bulgarian director and screenwriter. He studied under Vladislav Ikonomov at the National Academy of Film and Theater in Sofia, where he later became a lecturer. Prior to 2013, when his film Alienation was screened at the Venice Festival, he created short and documentary forms. Lazarov also had an acting role in Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov's acclaimed film Glory (2006). Ága, his second full-length feature, closed the Berlin Film Festival this year.


2000 Roundabout (short)

2007 Hristo Botev

2009 One Hundred Years of Solitude

2013 Alienacja / Otchuzhdenie / Alienation

2018 Ága

Cast & Crew

director Milko Lazarow
screenplay Milko Lazarow, Simeon Wentisławow
cinematography Kalojan Bożilow
editing Weselka Kiriakowa
music Penka Kounewa
cast Michaił Aprosimow, Feodosia Iwanowa, Galina Tichonowa, Siergiej Egorow
producer Weselka Kiriakowa, Eike Goreczka, Christoph Kukula, Guillaume de Seille, Alexander Bohr, Sevda Shishmanova
production Red Carpet, 42film, Arizona Productions, ZDF/Arte, BNT
Polish distributor Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty
language Yakutian
colouration colour