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Such a Morning

Amar Kanwar
India 2017 / 85’
Styx Sultry

How should we live in modern times? Should we choose a reliable life model in which social norms shape specific patterns of behavior? Or perhaps a more defiant one, paying heed to nothing and no one, thereby gaining freedom but also loneliness? In his latest film, visual artist and director Amar Kanwar tries to answer these questions and more. Rather than a documentary, the work is more of a video installation dominated by long shots and a lack of dialogue. The "protagonist" is a famous but nameless professor of mathematics who, for no apparent reason, quits her job and goes into the wilderness to live in an abandoned railway car. In his previous documentaries, Kanwar did not shy away from taking a critical look at politics, something that can be seen in this film as well. Personal visions and moments of enlightenment mix with a thin layer of reality portrayed precisely through the wonderful cinematography of Dilip Varma, which, at times, lends the project a sense of mysticism.

Sławomir Wasiński

Amar Kanwar

Amar Kanwar was born in New Delhi, the capital of India, in 1964. He studied History there at Ramjas College. When he began his career in film, his first works were shown in public spaces, used for campaigns and screened at festivals in India and around the world. His work touches on issues related to human rights, gender identity, religious fundamentalism and the environment.

Selected filmography

1992 The Leather Trilogy

1994 Earth as Witness (short)

2002 A Night of Prophecy

2003 To Remember (short)

2010 A Love Story

2011 The Scene of Crime

Cast & Crew

director Amar Kanwar
screenplay Amar Kanwar
cinematography Dilip Varma, Ranjan Palit
editing Sameera Jain
music Toru Takemitsu, Jalaludin Langa, Jan Johansson
cast Robin Das, Lima Kanungo
producer Amar Kanwar
production Amar Kanwar Film Productions
sales Mariangoodman Gallery
language no dialogue
colouration colour