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Helena Wittmann
Germany 2017 / 98’
Baronesa Hard Paint

Josefina and Theresa are going to break up. Josefina is planning to return to her native Argentina, while Theresa wants to embark on a solitary trip across the Atlantic. They can't turn back the clock and time won't heal their wounds. The wind extinguished their passion, leaving only existential sadness. They know it's too late, so they leave for the horizon. Helena Wittmann drifts away into the vast space of the ocean. The young protagonists in Drift experience a psychologic cleft in their intimate relationship. Using static shots, the precise and consistent film narration enables unhurried observation of melancholy landscapes and bodies bereft of energy. Wittmann's experimental debut is similar in style to the work ofHong Sang-soo and Abbas Kiarostami. 

Marcin Radomski

Helena Wittmann

Born in Neuss, Germany, in 1982, Helena Wittmann is a film director. She initially studied in Erlangen and Hamburg before attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Her short films The Wild (2013) and 21.3 °C (2014) were shown at international film exhibitions and festivals. Drift, her full-length debut, was screened at the festivals in Venice and Rotterdam.


2017 Drift

Cast & Crew

director Helena Wittmann
screenplay Theresa George, Helena Wittmann
cinematography Helena Wittmann
editing Helena Wittmann
music Nika Son, Donnie Emerson, Joe Emerson
cast Theresa George, Josefina Gill
producer Frank Scheuffele, Karsten Krause
production Fuenferfilm
sales Fuenfer Film
language German
colouration colour