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Marina Meliande
Brazil 2018 / 94’
Such a Morning The Flower Shop

Rio de Janeiro in 2016 is a nightmarish place. It's extremely hot, and apartments located in areas designated for construction of the Olympic village are being expropriated. A 30-year-old lawyer named Ana (Marina Provenzzano) tries to oppose this by organizing civic committees. At the same time, she meets an architect named Pedro who works for the developer, a man she should be fighting against, but she succumbs to his charm. That's when something strange odd starts happening with her body. Doctors are unable to explain the itchy growth on Ana's skin, which also starts to affect her state of mind. More and more unusual things start happening in the stuffy interiors of Rio, where fans are a fundamental piece of equipment. Their regular whirring provides the rhythm for a film that is based, to a large extent, on loud, disturbing noises. The extraordinary debut of Brazilian director Marina Meliande oscillates between realism and a dreamlike state, socially engaged cinema and horror in the spirit of Żuławski's Possession.

Adam Kruk

Marina Meliande

Marina Meliande is a Brazilian director and film editor. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, where she graduated from Fluminense University. She also studied at Le Fresnoy studio in France. During her studies, she met Felipe Bragança, with whom she made several short films that were shown at the festivals in Cannes and Locarno. Together, they also wrote the screenplayfor Sultry, Meliande's independent, full-length debut, which premiered at this year's Rotterdam Festival.


2003 Por dentro de uma gota dágua / Waterbound (short, co-dir)

2004 O nome dele (o clóvis) / His Name (the Clown) (short, co-dir)

2009 A fuga da mulher gorilla /The Escape of the Monkey Woman (co-dir)

2010 A alegria / The Joy (co-dir),

2010 Desassossego (filme das maravilhas) / Neverquiet (Film of Wonders) (co-dir)

2018 Wilgoć / Mormaço / Sultry

Cast & Crew

director Marina Meliande
screenplay Felipe Bragança, Marina Meliande
cinematography Glauco Firpo
editing Rodrigo Lima, Marina Meliande
music Edson Secco
cast Marina Provenzzano, Pedro Gracindo, Analú Prestes, Igor Angelkorte
producer Marina Meliande, Leonardo Mecchi
production Duas Mariola Filmes, Enquadramento Produções
sales Caravan Pass
language Portuguese
colouration colour