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The Heart

Fanni Metelius
Sweden 2018 / 100’
The Guilty The Real Estate

A photographer named Mika (film director Fanni Metelius) isn't looking for a serious relationship. As she admits, she prefers to listen to Lil' Kim and watch Sex in the City, adding that freedom is everything to her. At least until she meets Tesfay (Ahmed Berhan), who is nothing like her, and the endless line of drunken parties suddenly turns into evenings spent on the coach playing Xbox. "All you need is love, sang the Beatles with conviction. In her debut film, Metelius avoids the formulas of romantic comedies. With references to her own experience, she puts honesty above all else-even if she doesn't look her best from time to time. "Who else could say that they wanted to be in a serious relationship with someone while at the same time telling them that they slept with someone else?" an amused Tesfay asks Mika, but in The Heart, the "and they lived happily ever after" of fairy tales is really just the beginning: the beginning of troubles, of unsuccessful sex and of quarrels about unwashed dishes.

Marta Bałaga

Fanni Metelius

Born in 1987, Fanni Metelius is a Swedish director, screenwriter and actress. She is known for her role in Ruben Östlund's Force Majeure, for which she was nominated for a Guldbagge Award for Best Supporting Actress. She studied at the University of Gothenburg, and she worked with Lucas Moodysson on We Are the Best! The premiere of her shortfilm Unruly took place at the Berlin Festival. The Heart, in which she also plays the main role, is her first full-length feature film.


2010 Dandelion (short)

2010 Delirium (short)

2011 Unruly (short)

2015 You Never Go Down on Me (short)

2018 Serce / Hjärtat / The Heart

Cast & Crew

director Fanni Metelius
screenplay Fanni Metelius
cinematography Maja Dennhag
editing Fanni Metelius
music Katharina Nuttall, Linus Andersson
cast Fanni Metelius, Ahmed Berhan, Daniella Mir, Leona Axelsen, Suzanne Reuter
producer Mimmi Spang, Rebecka Lafrenz
production Garage Film International
sales SFI
language Swedish
colouration colour