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I Am Another You

Nanfu Wang
USA 2017 / 80’
Hard Paint In the Realm of Perfection

After arriving in the States, a young Chinese director meets a guy named Dylan, a golden-haired young man who decided to become homeless by choice. Is this not a dream subject for a documentary filmmaker? Trying to understand his motives, or perhaps to understand America in general, Nanfu Wang accompanies Dylan with her camera, engages him in long conversations and even decides to live with him on the streets. Her Initial fascination with the young man gives way, however, to a more profound look at his problems. Wang goes to Dylan's family home, meets his father and relatives and delves into his family story. As a result, the story of an unruly young man turns into a more general panorama of the United States that includes a portrait of a Mormon clan from Ohio, as well as a description of the life of so-called white trash in Florida and of people struggling with mental illness. I Am Another You won the Jury Prize for the best full-length documentary at the South by Southwest Festival in Texas.

Adam Kruk


SXSW FF 2017 - Special Jury Award for Documentary Feature, Chicken & Egg Award

Nanfu Wang

Born in a small village in China's Jiangxi province, Nanfu Wang studied at universities in Shanghai, Ohio and New York, where she currently lives. She directs and produces, and she also does the filming and editing herself. Her debut documentary, Hooligan Sparrow (2016), about the Chinese human rights defender Ye Haiyan, has been shown, since its premiere at Sundance, at film festivals in 25 countries and in American cinemas. I Am Another You is her second full-length film.


2016 Nieustraszony wróbel / Hooligan Sparrow

2017 Jestem innym tobą / I Am Another You

Cast & Crew

director Nanfu Wang
screenplay Nanfu Wang
cinematography Nanfu Wang
editing Nanfu Wang, Michael Shade
music Nathan Halpern, Chris Ruggiero
cast Dylan, Nanfu Wang
producer Nanfu Wang, Lori Cheatle
production A Little Horse Crossing the River, Hard Working Movies
sales Cinephil
language English
colouration colour