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Silent Mist

Zhang Miaoyan
China, France 2017 / 101’
Several Conversations About a Very Tall Girl Styx

Three women, one fate. Residents of a small riverside city in the south of China, they are victims of violent rape. The perpetrator, however, can sleep peacefully-it doesn't seem like anyone is interested in finding him. The only way to get the police to do anything is to bribe them, and the family of one of the women is concerned not so much with pursuing justice as marrying off their daughter as soon as possible. The women suffer in silence. Condemned to loneliness, they wander like phantoms in the fog enveloping a ghost town. Independent director and producer Zhang Miaoyan has made an uncompromising portrait of rural China, a film that will certainly not be appreciated by the authorities of the Middle Kingdom. This dark tale of crime without punishment, inspired by true events, is visually outstanding. The camera-like a persecutor or inescapable fate-follows the women through a maze of narrow streets. Silent Mist is a cinematic indictment in which a recurring folk song reminds viewers that, though the old times may have been oppressive, people were at least offered an illusion of community.

Mariusz Mikliński

Zhang Miaoyan

Born in Manchuria in 1964, Zhang Miaoyan is an independent director, producer and cinematographer. He studied at Berkeley in 1992-1994, where he took up an interest in cinematography from all over the world. His second film, Black Blood, which won the award for best Asian production at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, was screened at New Horizons in 2011. He is also a painter and author of short stories.

Selected filmography

2007 Xiaolin Xiaoli

2014 Tiantang jiaoluo

2017 Cisza we mgle / Silent Mist

Cast & Crew

director Zhang Miaoyan
screenplay Wang Lianggui, Zhang Miaoyan, Rice Zhang, Quge
cinematography Zhang Miaoyan, Xu Zhiyong
editing Zhang Miaoyan
cast Wang Gufu, Chulan Hu, Yang Xiaojiang, Zhao Zuojun
producer Guillaume de Seille, Zhang Miaoyan, Chunlan Hu
production Arizona Productions, Rice Production
language Mandarin
colouration colour