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The Seen and Unseen

Kamila Andini
Sekala Niskala
Indonesia, Netherlands, Australia, Qatar 2017 / 83’
The Real Estate The Village of Swimming Cows

The life of 10-year-old Tantri is about to be turned upside down. The news about Tantra's health-her twin brother-evokes in her a constant fear about the loss of an irreplaceable companion and the loneliness that will bring. He has a brain tumor that is slowly, but irreversibly, depriving him of his basic senses.Tantri's fears about her brother are interfering with her sleep. The night becomes her new friend. She walks through the meadow under the moonlight; seeing, hearing and touching her brother, she can talk to him and play with him as much as she likes. In order to immerse herself in this world, Tantri uses the senses that cancer has taken away from her brother. Since they are joined by a special bond, perhaps Tantra will be able to feel what his sister experiences. In her second full-length feature film, Kamila Andini presents a world that is both realistic and dreamlike from the perspective of a child. She focuses on the inseparable bond between the siblings and the feeling that they can stay together regardless of external circumstances.

Sławomir Wasiński


Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2017 - Best Youth Feature Film; Tokyo FILMeX 2017 - Grand Prix

Kamila Andini

Kamila Andini was born in 1986 in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. She is the older sister of well-known director Garin Nugroho. Her husband is Ifa Isfansyah, a filmmaker as well. Andini initially took an interest in photography before later getting involved in a number of film projects. She studied Sociology at Deakin University in Melbourne. Following her return from Australia, she began working as a director, primarily making music videos and music documentaries. She made her debut in 2011 with the film The Mirror Never Lies.


2011 Laut Bercermin / The Mirror Never Lies

2015 Sendiri Diana Sendiri / Following Diana (short)

2017 Widzialne i niewidzialne / Sekala Niskala / The Seen and Unseen

Cast & Crew

director Kamila Andini
screenplay Kamila Andini
cinematography Anggi Frisca
editing Dinda Amanda, Dwi Agus Purwanto
music Yasuhiro Morinaga
cast Thaly Titi Kasih, Ida Bagus Putu Radithya Mahijasena, Ayu Laksmi, Ketut Rina, Happy Salma, Ni Gusti Ayu Putu Raka Suryaningsih
producer Kamila Andini, Gita Fara, Ifa Isfansyah
production Treewater Productions, Fourcoulours Films
sales Cercamon
language Indonesian, Balinese
colouration colour