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Constantin Popescu
Romania, France 2017 / 152’
Pity Sauvage

The Ionescus are a young married couple raising two children in Bucharest. Life has been kind to them: they have no material or health problems, and they love each other. Their entire world collapses, however, when Tudor (the wonderful Bogdan Dumitrache, an award winner for this role at the festival in San Sebastián) takes the kids to the park and, during a bravura 18-minute scene shot in a single take, loses sight of his five-year-old daughter. Where could she be? This launches an investigation that lasts more than two hours and keeps you on the edge of your seat just like a first-rate thriller. As important as the intrigue, however, is the analysis of the disintegration of the couple's relationship and their psychological breakdown. Due to its length and enigmatic title (pororoca refers a devastating tidal bore on the Amazon), Constantin Popescu's work has been compared to Sieranevada, one ofthe hits at the 16th New Horizons. Although the picture of contemporary Bucharest shown here is very different from that of Puiu's film, Pororocaprovidesfurther proof of the excellent state of Romanian cinema.

Adam Kruk


San Sebastián IFF 2017 – Best Actor (Bogdan Dumitrache)

Constantin Popescu

Born in 1973, Constantin Popescu studied at the University of Bucharest (1997) and is now involved in screenwriting, film production and direction. Together with Cristian Mungiu, he directed the short film Tales from the Golden Age, produced works by the masterful Romanian director Lucian Pintilie and directed the popular TV series În derivã and Rãmâi cu mine. Pororoca, his third feature film, captured a Silver Shell for best actor at the last festival in San Sebastián.

Selected filmography

2004 Apartamentul / The Apartment (short)

2008 Żółta uśmiechnięta buźka / Faţa galbenă care râde / The Yellow Smiley Face (short)

2009 Opowieści Złotego Wieku / Amintiri din epoca de aur / Tales from the Golden Age (co-dir)

2010 Portretul luptatorului la tinerete / Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man

2010 Principii de viata / Principles of Life

2017 Pororoca

Cast & Crew

director Constantin Popescu
screenplay Constantin Popescu
cinematography Liviu Mărghidan
editing Corina Stavilă
cast Bogdan Dumitrache, Iulia Lumânare, Constantin Dogioiu, Adela Mărghidan, Ştefan Răuş
producer Liviu Mărghidan, Lissandra Hăulică
production A Scharf Film, Irrévérence Films
sales Wide
language Romanian
colouration colour