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The Night Eats the World

Dominique Rocher
La nuit a dévoré le monde
France 2018 / 93’
The Field Guide to Evil Time Share

A young man wakes up after a party to discover he's living in a post-apocalyptic world. There are zombies wandering around everywhere, with their googly, bloodshot eyes and chattering teeth, which is a way for them to signal that they're very, very hungry. We're all familiar with these kinds of brutal, inauspicious mornings-we've seen them too many times not to be. Dominique Rocher, however, approaches the genre with a considerable degree of playfulness. Instead of a spine-tingling horror, he offers a reserved, arthouse-style story about a survivor, wracked by loneliness, who protects himself from waves of chaos and terror in a ruined building. Here's a fascinating tidbit: the role of one of the zombies is played by the wonderful Denis Lavant, who lends his character a touch of his typical slapstick kind-heartedness.

Piotr Mirski

Dominique Rocher

Dominique Rocher is from France. After graduating from film school, he began working as an assistant director. Later, he founded the production company Buffalo Corp., where he made his first four short films. Thanks to winning an Audi Talents Award, he was able to make the short sci-fi film La vitesse du passé starring Mélanie Thierry. The Night Eats the World is his feature debut.

Selected filmography

2009 Haiku (short, co-dir.)

2011 La vitesse du passé / The Speed of the Past (short)

2018 Noc pożera świat / La nuit a dévoré le monde / The Night Eats the World

Cast & Crew

director Dominique Rocher
screenplay Dominique Rocher, Guillaume Lemans, Jérémie Guez
cinematography Jordane Chouzenoux
editing Isabelle Manquillet
music David Gubitsch
cast Anders Danielsen Lie, Golshifteh Farahani, Denis Lavant, Sigrid Bouaziz
producer Carole Scotta
production Haut et Court
sales WT Films
language Norwegian, English
colouration colour