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Tilman Singer
Germany 2018 / 70’
Let the Corpses Tan Piercing

Luz Carrara, a young cabdriver who either suffers from mental illness or is possessed by Satan. During the film, we see the hypnosis sessions that she undergoes. Together with the psychotherapist taking care of her, we embark on a voyage that leads into the depths of madness and the very heart of darkness. Luz is a surrealistic horror reminiscent of both William Friedkin'sThe Exorcist and the work of David Lynch. It's a 70-minute-long nightmare overflowing with a cold, dark atmosphere, a film governed by its own strange logic that is at the same time both frightening and, in an odd way, funny.

Piotr Mirski

Tilman Singer

Tilman Singer was born in Leipzig in 1988. Even before he began his studies at the Kunsthochschule für Medien in Cologne, he produced short stop-motion animations and commercials in France, Germany and the United States. As a director, he has made feature films, commercials and music videos. Luz, shown at the Berlin Festival, among other places, is his full-length debut.


2014 The Events at Mr. Yamamoto's Alpine Residence (short)

2016 El Fin Del Mundo (short)

2018 Luz

Cast & Crew

director Tilman Singer
screenplay Tilman Singer
cinematography Paul Faltz
editing Fabian Podeszwa, Tilman Singer
music Simon Waskow
cast Luana Velis, Jan Bluthardt, Julia Riedler, Nadja Stübiger, Johannes Benecke
producer Dario Mendez Acosta, Tilman Singer
production Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
language German, Spanish
colouration colour