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Ingmar Bergman Through Choreographer's Eye

Fredrik Stattin
Sweden 2016 / 51’
Saraband Bergman: A Year in Life

Although Ingmar Bergman is no longer alive, his films continue to lead the most vital existence and inspire new artists, especially those whose ambition is to deal with the complexity of human nature. The beneficiaries of Bergman's oeuvre are not just filmmakers. Ingmar Bergman Through the Choreographer's Eye is an attempt to translate the Swedish directors work into the language of dance - to find rhythm in the gestures and mimicry of silver screen characters, to contrive choreographed equivalents for the emotions and ideas borne by particular stories. The performances shown in the film include exploration of various states of mind in solitude as well as those about the dynamics of interpersonal relations written for two dancers.

Piotr Mirski


Golden Prague IFF 2017 – Special Mention

Fredrik Stattin

Fredrik Stattin is a director and a producer. He has twenty years of experience within television production and has worked with all the major Swedish tv-channels. Fredrik Stattin has a genuine interest for dance and arts and have produced several hi-quality dance and opera programs, with a speciality to film on location. He was awarded the 2017 Golden Prague TV award - Special Mention for Extraordinary Artistic Achievement - for the dance film "Ingmar Bergman through the Choreographer's Eye". He was nominated to Prix Italia 2016 with "Queen Christina". Fredrik produced "Heavenly Music" for Swedish Television 2017, a music documentary about the 500-year anniversary of Martin Luther. Fredrik Stattin has obtained an excellent reputation in the tv-business for his talented way of turning an idea into a solid tv-program, in both a visual and a narrative way.

Selected filmography

2016 Ingmar Bergman oczami choreografa / Ingmar Bergman Through Choreographer's Eye

Cast & Crew

director Fredrik Stattin
screenplay Alexander Ekman, Ingmar Bergman, Adrian Silver
cinematography Jörgen Bodesand, Henrik Nordin, Joakim Nyström, Måns Berthas
music Frédéric Chopin, Stefan Levin, J.S. Bach
cast Alexander Ekman, Pontus Lidberg, Nadja Sellrup, Oscar Salomonsson, Nathalie Nordquist, Jenny Nilson
producer Fredrik Stattin
production Nordisk Drama & Dokumentär AB, Hammars Drama Productions AB
sales Hammars Drama
language Swedish, English
colouration colour & b&w