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François Ozon
France, Germany 2016 / 113’
Elle In the Last Days of the City

One of the most acclaimed films at last year's Venice Festival. 1920s Germany. A young German woman regularly visits the grave of her fiancé, who died in the war. One day, she meets a man at the cemetery who claims to be a friend of her fiancé's. It soon turns out that he has a secret. François Ozon's film is a variation on Broken Lullaby, Ernst Lubitsch's forgotten melodrama from 1932. In Frantz,the French director not only turns the conventions of the genre on their head, but he asks a self-referential question about the ethical aspects of storytelling. In addition-despite its old-fashioned trappings-Ozon's film can be interpreted in modern terms. As the director himself has noted in interviews, the film's atmosphere of tension, aggression, and growing nationalism is not very different from the mood seen in Europe in 2017.

Piotr Czerkawski


Venice Film Festival 2016 - Best Young Actress; César Awards, France 2017 - Best Cinematography, Adapted Screenplay, Orginal Music, Actor, Most Promising Actress; Sedona International Film Festival 2017 - Best Foreign Feature Film;

François Ozon

Born in Paris in 1967, François Ozon graduated from the prestigious Le Femis film school. He began developing his characteristic style in the short films that he made while still a student. The most important aspects of his films include an interest in human corporeality, a fondness for provocation, and a dislike of bourgeois morality. In 1998, he made his full-length feature debut with the black comedy Sitcom. He received a Golden Shell at the San Sebastian Festival and a European Film Award for Best Writer for his 2012 film In the House.

Selected filmography

1998 Sitcom

2000 Krople wody na rozpalonych kamieniach / Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brulantes / Water Drops on Burning Rocks

2002 8 kobiet / 8 femmes / 8 Women

2003 Basen / Swimming Pool

2005 5 x 2

2005 Czas, który pozostał / Le temps qui reste / Time to Leave

2007 Angel

2009 Ricky

Cast & Crew

director François Ozon
screenplay François Ozon, Philippe Piazzo
cinematography Pascal Marti
editing Laure Gardette
music Philippe Rombi
cast Pierre Niney, Paula Beer, Ernst Stötzner
producer Uwe Schott, Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer , Stefan Arndt
production Mandarin Films, X-Filme Creative Pool, FOZ
language French, German
colouration b&w