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The Giant’s Return

Adam Sikora
Powrót Giganta
Poland 2016 / 102’
The Distinguished Citizen The Handmaiden

The road to the Giant, a boarding house in a remote area, leads through a dark, sinister-looking forest. Submerged in a wintry landscape, the Giant conceals empty interiors, creaking staircases, and open windows-the only sign of spring is in a Botticelli painting. When an anonymous man arrives, played by Sławomir Żukowski (he worked with Adam Sikora earlier in the films Ewa and Bruno Schulz), he finds that there is also a woman living there (Barbara Lubos-Święs). Both characters have had a difficult life-will they manage to find a way to understand each another? This will not be easy, as they are both-like the land they are in-hiding a secret. Sikora filmed his dreamlike film in the villages and wilderness around the Polish-Czech border during his workshops at the Radio and Television Faculty of the Silesian University in Katowice. In Return of the Giant, whose structure is free of the constraints of classical narration, meaning emerges slowly from images and sounds, exposing the inner landscape of a protagonist trapped in the past and in his own thoughts.

Adam Kruk (Kino na Granicy)

Adam Sikora

Adam Sikora was born in Mikołów, Poland, in 1960. He completed his studies in Cinematography at the National Film School in Łódź in 1988. He works as a cinematographer, screenwriter, and director. He is best known for his cinematography, having worked on such acclaimed and award-winning films as Lech Majewski's The Mill and the Cross and Jerzy Skolimowski's Four Nights with Anna and Essential Killing. As a director, he has made both documentary films (Bluesmen. A Ballada About Janek "Kyks" SkorzekCorpus Christi) and feature films (EwaTheGiant, Expelled).

Selected filmography

2006 Boże Cialo (doc.)

2009 Paweł (doc.)

2010 Wydalony / Expelled

2011 Ewa (co-dir.)

2015 Bruno Schulz (doc.) 

Cast & Crew

director Adam Sikora
screenplay Adam Sikora
cinematography Adam Sikora, Tomasz Woźniczka
editing Aleksandra Gowin
music Tymoteusz Bies
cast Sławomir Żukowski, Barbara Lubos-Święs, Łukasz Sikora
producer Marta Pielasz
production Fala Nowa
sales Marta Pielasz
language Polish
colouration colour