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Opera About Poland

Piotr Stasik
Opera o Polsce
Poland 2017 / 43’
Off Frame aka Revolution Until Victory Prisoner/Terrorist

One of the protagonists in this dense, creative documentary says to the camera, I feel helplessness, I feel outrage, I feel fear and anger. It is precisely these emotions that appear to be the foundation of Piotr Stasik's film, in which he shows Poland as a land in a trance, a provincial country drowning in mud and fog, part of the eternally dull East. The director's radical and provocative vision (he wrote the libretto for Opera About Poland along with Łukasz Czapski and Piotr Gruszczyński) extracts that which is repulsive and repetitive about Polish reality, while the atmosphere of monotony is subdued by Artur Zagajewski's hypnotic somnabulic music, which grows more powerful with every scene. Fragments from Andrzej Stasiuk's Dziennik pisany później (Journal Written Later), public opinion polls, sales ads, wedding announcements, and radio broadcasts create a polyphony from which the absurd "sermons" exhorted by Wojciech Kalarus stand out in the foreground. For if Poland is stuck in a vicious circle of its own incapacity, then, in Stasik's view, this is also the fault of our mindless religiosity, giving rise to kitsch, founded on suffering, drenched in contradictions.

Małgorzata Sadowska


Kraków FF 2017 – Special Mention, Best Producer

Piotr Stasik

Born in 1976, Piotr Stasik is a director, screenwriter, producer, culture promoter, and sociologist. He graduated from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw and completed a documentary course at the Wajda School. He co-founded and was the long-time head of the Association of Creative Initiatives "ę." The maker of, among others, 21 x New York (2016), which was nominated for a European Film Award, as well as films that were award winners at festivals in Poland and abroad: A Diary of a Journey (2013), The Last Day of Summer (2010), and 7 x Moscow (2005). He is an artist who likes to be on the move, also so as to look at his own country from a distance. On one of his trips, he took Polish films with him and, as part of the Domestic Productproject, showed them in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, and other countries.

Selected filmography

2005 Po kolei (short, doc.)

2006 7 x Moskwa (short, doc.)

2011 Koniec lata (short, doc.)

2013 Nie dla każdego  (short, doc.)

2013 Dziennik z podróży / A Diary of a Journey (doc.)

2016 21 x Nowy Jork / 21 x New York (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Piotr Stasik
screenplay Piotr Stasik
cinematography Piotr Stasik, Adam Palenta, Paweł Chorzępa, Barbara Kaniewska, Piotr Rosołowski, Małgorzata Szyłak, Piotr Pawlus, Kacper Kowalski
editing Dorota Wardęszkiewicz
music Artur Zagajewski
cast Wojciech Kalarus, Piotr Kędzierski, Dominika Knapik
producer Anna Gawlita
production Kijora
sales Kijora
language Polish
colouration colour