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Entranced Earth

Glauber Rocha
Terra em Transe
Brazil 1967 / 111’
Brexitannia Far from Vietnam

In his famous manifesto of 1965, La estética del hambre (Aesthetics of Hunger), the angry guru of the just-born Cinema Novo wrote that the spirit of this new cinema was wherever there is a filmmaker prepared to stand up against commercialism, exploitation, pornography, and the tyranny of technique, there will be the living spirit of Cinema Novo. Wherever there is a filmmaker, of any age or background, ready to place his cinema and his profession at the service of the great causes of his time, there will be the living spirit of Cinema Novo. The delirious Entranced Earth, one of the most important films of its era, shows that the challenges remain the same today: corruption and populism fed by inaction on the part of the elites. Rocha fought the political extremism of the era of military dictatorship in Brazil with artistic radicalism, rejecting any compromises. Anarchical in spirit, opera-like in its breadth, and inspired by the work of Eisenstein and Vertov, Entranced Earth is a pamphlet that defends only the idealist and poet (played by soap opera star Jardela Filho) willing to threaten even the heavens-because the poet's wrath knows no bounds.

Małgorzata Sadowska

Glauber Rocha

Born in 1939, Glauber Rocha is a director, screenwriter, actor, film theorist, and political refugee. One of the most important filmmakers not only from Brazilian Cinema Novo circles, but also from so-called Third Cinema, which focused on filmmakers from Africa and Latin America whose work dealt with their societies' postcolonial experiences. Rocha sought a radical new language to make Latin American cinema just as powerful as works of magical realism in literature. He died in 1981 at just 42 years of age.


1964 Bóg i diabeł w krainie słońca / Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol / Black God, White Evil

1967 Ziemia w transie / Terra em Transe / Entranced Earth

1969 Antonio des Mortes / O Dragão da Maldade contra o Santo Guerreiro / The Dragon of Evil Against the Saint Warrior

1970 Odcięte głowy / Cabezas cortadas / Heads Cut Off

1972 Rak / Câncer / Cancer

1980 Wiek ziemi / A Idade da Terra / The Age of the Earth

Cast & Crew

director Glauber Rocha
screenplay Glauber Rocha
cinematography Luiz Carlos Barreto
editing Eduardo Escorel
music Sérgio Ricardo
cast Jardel Filho, Paulo Autran, José Lewgoy, Glauce Rocha, Paulo Gracindo
producer Glauber Rocha
production Mapa Filmes
sales Arsenal Berlin
language Portuguese
colouration b&w