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Timothy George Kelly
UK, Russia 2017 / 80’
American Anarchist Entranced Earth

Voting to leave the European Union was simultaneously rebellious and patriotic, asserts one of the protagonists of Brexitannia.We are sick of your arrogance, for your not listening to us, and voting out of Europe, we hoped to get rid of at least one layer of these arrogant parasites, adds another, directly addressing the elites in power. I would vote "leave" if I could, says another compatriot from the trailer where he lives. In the passionate Brexitannia, Ken Loach meets Monty Python, and England morphs into a drifting ship whose divide crew are fighting among themselves instead of keeping the ship afloat. Black-and-white-just like the vision of the world presented by his protagonists-Kelly's fascinating documentary not only offers a contemporary portrait of Britons, but, above all, it catalogs the emotions and fears that come with the Brexit decision. The film includes additional political and sociological commentary by Noam Chomsky, Saskia Sassen, Guy Standing, and Federico Campagnii.

Timothy George Kelly, director: Resistance is knowing nothing guarantees the fascist option won't be preferred. Resistance is taking care of your friends. Resistance is shutting the fuck up white boy. Resistance is wondering if a we even exists anymore. Resistance is to look a fool in the face of Capitalist Realism. Resistance is when you don't just make a film about a thing, but when the film you make becomes a thing.

Małgorzata Sadowska

Timothy George Kelly

Timothy George Kelly is a visual artist, filmmaker, and painter. Currently residing in London, the Australian lived in Montreal in the not so distant past, where he shot a series of documentary portraits of underground artists called Big Small. That project led to his full-length feature debut, A City Is an Island (2014). Devoted to the city's independent music scene, the film premiered at CPH: DOX in Copenhagen. Kelly has directed music videos, including for Miracle Fortress and Grimes, and he also made the short film Smile, about the most sought-after smile in the world, that of the Mona Lisa.


2014 A City Is An Island

2017 Brexitannia

Cast & Crew

director Timothy George Kelly
screenplay Luke Neima, Charlotte Kuhlbrandt, Timothy George Kelly
cinematography Timothy George Kelly
editing Steven Carver
music Ivan Merkulov
cast Noam Chomsky, Saskia Sassen, Guy Standing, Nick Srenicek, Heidi Mirza, Federico Campagna
producer Pavel Karykhalin, Alyona Bocharova, Kirill Sorokin 
production Beat, Stereotactic
sales Syndicado
language English
colouration b&w