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A Brief Excursion

Igor Bezinović
Kratki izlet
Croatia 2017 / 75’
1945 Arábia

A summer music festival-the sort where they remind you about hygiene and common sense. Young people having a good time, alcohol disappearing down thirsty throats, sweat evaporating under a cloudless sky. The concerts soon become nothing more than a backdrop for drunken convulsions and empty conversations. As the days start to melt into one another, an odd fellow suddenly throws out an unexpected idea: let's visit the nearby monastery! He leads a group through woods, fields, and towns that look as if the Industrial Revolution passed them by. Members of the group are gradually separated from the procession, kidnapped by the course of events and absorbed by the world. With its light, surrealistic elegance, A Brief Excursion is a parable about growing up, about the pursuit of a spectral goal that starts out in good company and ends with a growing sense of solitude.

Piotr Mirski

Igor Bezinović

Born in 1983, Igor Bezinović hails from Croatia. He studied Philosophy, Sociology, and Literature, as well as Direction. He has made numerous short films. His first full-length film, the documentary The Blockade, has been screened at numerous festivals. A Brief Excursion is his feature debut.

Selected filmography

2009 Natprosjecan / Above Average (doc., short)

2009 Nepovratno (doc., short)

2012 Strajk na Filozofii / Blokada / The Blockade (doc.)

2015 Veruda / Veruda: A film About Bojan (doc., short)

2017 Mała wycieczka / Kratki izlet / A Brief Excursion

Cast & Crew

director Igor Bezinović
screenplay Igor Bezinović, Ante Zlatko Stolica (based on a novel by Antun Šoljan)
cinematography Danko Vučinović
editing Hrvoslava Brkušić, Miro Manojlović
music Hrvoje Nikšić
cast Ante Zlatko Stolica, Mladen Vujčić, Željko Beljan, Iva Ivšić, Marko Aksentijević, Martina Burulic, Josip Visković
producer Igor Bezinović
production Studio Pangolin
sales Studio Pangolin
language Croatian
colouration colour