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My Italy

Bruno Colella
Poland, Italy 2016 / 91’
Do You Speak Chopin? Never Forget to Lie

Four artists: Krzysztof M. Bednarski, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Mark Kostabi, and H. H. Lim. One place of residence: Italy. One film: an ingenious hybrid that is something between a documentary and a feature that profiles the protagonists in an easygoing, original manner, with a number of individual scenes featuring commentary by critic Achille Bonito Oliva. The rest is a fun, voluntary descent from the pedestal and an unpretentious game of self-deprecation. As the plot develops, each of the artists experiences their own-absurd or inspirational-adventure. One gets an offer he cannot refuse, while another has to embark on a journey. They all meet a number of colorful individuals along the way, including a gangster's widow, a beautiful stranger, and a former impresario who is currently working as a scrap-metal collector. The story is woven together by a thread whereby director Bruno Colella and his faithful assistant go on a pilgrimage in search of financing to complete the film.

Piotr Mirski

Bruno Colella

Bruno Colella was born in 1955 in Naples. Early in his career, he wrote songs and composed music for plays. Then he began performing on stage: his one-man shows, combining monologues and singing, were accompanied by art installations and video art. At the time, he was involved in the Transavantgarde movement. Later, he began directing plays himself. He made his debut as a film director in the 1990s. In addition to feature films, he has also made documentaries and music videos.

Selected filmography

1992 Amami / Daddy Don't Blush

1995 Parola di mago

1997 Il pigiama (short)

1999 Voglio stare sotto al letto

2004 Ladri di barzellette (co-dir.)

2015 Moje Włochy / My Italy

Cast & Crew

director Bruno Colella
screenplay Bruno Colella
cinematography Blasco Giurato
editing Francesco Tellico
music Alvin Curran
cast Bruno Colella, Krzysztof M. Bednarski, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Mark Kostabi, H. H. Lim, Achille Bonito Oliva, Jerzy Stuhr
producer Angiolo Bassi, Joanna Ronikier
production Running Rabbit Films, Medditeranea Production, Telewizja Polska
language English, Polish, Italian
colouration colour