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Gastón Solnicki
Argentina 2008 / 67’

The most beautiful thing in Argentina are the people, says Mauricio Kagel-avant-garde composer, theorist of contemporary music, and maker of instrumental theater-after a moving visit to the country in 2007. His voice guides us through Gaston Solnicki's film documenting his return, after more than 40 years abroad, to his native Buenos Aires for a festival of his work organized by the Teatro Colon. We look on as the young musicians from the Ensamble Süden prepare to perform his legendary works in concert. In addition to watching them conjure up sound and create harmony within the ensemble, we see them engaged in completely mundane activities, like buying croissants at a bakery or a mezzo-soprano's visit to the dentist. Working with Kagel turns out to be impalpably magical, an intellectual exercise, and a touching interpersonal experience. Süden, which delivers some of the last recordings of this great experimental musician, who died a year later, is a tribute to his methods, his breadth, and his human warmth.

Adam Kruk


Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards 2010 - Best Video Film; BAFICI 2008 - Asociación de Cronistas Cinematográficos de la Argentina (ACCA) Award, Special Mention

Gastón Solnicki

Born in Buenos Aires in 1978, Gastón Solnicki is an Argentinian director with Polish roots. Initially trained to become a chef, he then went to New York to study Photography and Film. In addition to short films, he has also made three full-length films. His debut, Süden (2008), and the documentary dedicated to his family, Papirosen (2011), were award winners at the BAFICI International Independent Film Festival in Buenos Aires. His latest film, Kékszakállú, was screened at the Venice Film Festival, where he won a FIPRESCI Award in the Orizzonti section.


2008 Süden

2011 Papirosen

2016 Sinobrody / Kékszakállú

Cast & Crew

director Gastón Solnicki
screenplay Gastón Solnicki
cinematography Diego Poleri, Gastón Solnicki
editing Andrea Kleinman
music Mauricio Kagel
cast Mauricio Kagel, Klara Csordas, Roland Hermann, Charles Maxwell, Mauricio Leoni, Sandro Gorli, Haydee Schwartz, Martin Moore
producer Gastón Solnicki
production Filmy Wiktora
sales Gastón Solnicki
language German, Spanish, French, English, Italian
colouration colour