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Free Fire

Ben Wheatley
UK, France 2016 / 90’
Asura: City of Madness Hounds of Love

An abandoned warehouse in Boston is the site of a black-market transaction: dirty money in exchange for illegal weapons for the IRA. The thugs gathered there, dressed in typical seventies style, do not trust one another a lick, so they arrive armed to the teeth. The gangsters, testosterone, drugs, stress, and the desire to outsmart the other side make it difficult to strike a deal. All this leads to a shootout, which, once it starts, turns everything on its head. Will anyone get out alive? The beautiful catastrophe created by director Ben Wheatley is not only bloody and spectacular, it is also humorous, given the one-liners flying back and forth amid all the bullets. The maker of High-Rise has put together a star-studded cast, featuring Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer, Sam Riley, and Oscar winner Bri Larson-they all get a chance to pick up a gun and also show off their comedic talents.

Adam Kruk


Toronto IFF 2016 – People's Choice Best Midnight Madness film

Ben Wheatley

Born in Essex in 1972, Ben Wheatley is an English television (IdealDoctor Who) and film director, who works with his wife, screenwriter and editor Amy Jump. Considered one of the most talented British filmmakers of this generation, he earned critical acclaim in particular for his previous film, High-Rise-an adaptation of a novel by J.G. Ballard-starring Tom Hiddleston and Sienna Miller. Wheatley has a passion for sophisticated retro styling, playing with violence, and genre conventions.


2009 Down Terrace

2011 Lista płatnych zleceń /  Kill List 

2012 Turyści / Sightseers

2013 A Field in England

2015 High-Rise

2017 Free Fire

Cast & Crew

director Ben Wheatley
screenplay Amy Jump, Ben Wheatley
cinematography Laurie Rose
editing Amy Jump, Ben Wheatley
music Geoff Barrow, Ben Salisbury
cast Cillian Murphy, Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, Sam Riley, Sharlto Copley, Babou Ceesay
producer Andy Starke
production Film4, Protagonist Pictures, Rook Films
Polish distributor UIP
language English
colouration colour