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The Boy
Greece 2016 / 94’
The Girl with All the Gifts Untamed

After watching Alexandros Voulgaris's latest film, one is left to ponder the words of the director himself (who also happens to be the scriptwriter and composer), who does not classify his work as an experimental film. And yet his use of the language of film is bold, as he juxtaposes images that are often unrelated in terms of cause and effect, focusing instead on point and counterpoint. Thread also eludes classification as a hybrid film, as it combines politics and fantasy (although perhaps those concepts are not be as distant as it might seem) with a thriller and post-apocalyptic story. The eponymous thread symbolizes the spiritual umbilical cord between a mother struggling for freedom and the son who has to bear the consequences of her choices (with Sophia Kokkali playing both parts), and it tells of the need to break this bond.

Bartosz Czartoryski


Hellenic Film Academy Awards 2017 - Best Actress

The Boy

Born in Athens, Alexandros Voulgaris is a 36-year-old Greek actor, composer, and director who goes by the pseudonym The Boy. Both his father and wife are directors as well. He is known for his unconventional style (for example, his actors always wear sunglasses), and his love of dreamlike visual images from the world of fantasy. His second film, Pink (screened at New Horizons), was nominated for the main prize at the Thessaloniki Festival, was an award winner in Istanbul, and landed him the prize for best director in Los Angeles.


2003 Klais?

2006 Róż / Roz / Pink

2012 Higuita

2016 Nić / Nima / Thread

Cast & Crew

director The Boy
screenplay The Boy
cinematography Simos Sarketzis
editing Panos Voutsaras
music Felizol, The Boy
cast Sophia Kokkali, Vangelis Loukissas, Daphne Patakia
producer Eleni Bertes
production Logline, Greek Film Center, Hellenic Radio & Television (ERT)
sales Herectic Outreach
language Greek, French
colouration colour