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Hounds of Love

Ben Young
Australia 2016 / 108’
Free Fire Killing Ground

It might be tempting to see Hounds of Love as nothing more than a fictionalized account of several horrific crimes that were committed years ago on the outskirts Perth, Australia, by the Birnies, a couple united by their sadistic tendencies. But Ben Young's film can by no means be considered exploitation of those murders. By tapping into what the viewer expects to see in such a genre film and walking a fine line between painful realism and violence porn, the director uses the psychological relationships between his protagonists as the basis for the film's horror. The web of relations between young Vicki, who is tied to a bed, and the psychopathic couple tightens as John starts showing more interest in her than in his wife. And Evelyn's jealousy points her on the wrong path. While sacrificing any of the literalism that is characteristic of the genre, Young manages to avoid the sort of clichés that literalism tends to impose, creating instead a film that will leave audiences holding their breath.

Bartosz Czartoryski


Brussels IFF 2016 – Best Director, Best Actress; Venice IFF 2016 – Best Actress in a Debut Film

Ben Young

Ben Young is an Australian filmmaker and actor who has so far worked almost exclusively in television, having spent a number of years on reality shows. Hounds of Love, his feature debut, shows that the director has a knack not only for the genre but also for artistry.


2016 Ogary miłości / Hounds of Love

Cast & Crew

director Ben Young
screenplay Ben Young
cinematography Michael McDermott
editing Merlin Eden
music Dan Luscombe
cast Ashleigh Cummings, Emma Booth, Stephen Curry
producer Melissa Kelly
production Factor 30 Films
sales Urban Distribucion
language English
colouration colour