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Family Life

Alicia Scherson, Cristián Jiménez
Vida de Familia
Chile 2017 / 79’
By the Time It Gets Dark Gods Own Country

Martín (Jorge Becker) is a single guy in his thirties who lands what just might be his dream job. When his distant cousin, Bruno (Cristián Carvajal), leaves for Paris with his wife and daughter, Martín is left to look after their spacious home and their cat, Mississippi. Things get complicated when the cat runs away. While out looking for him, Martín meets a single mother named Paz (Gabriela Arancibia), and romance ensues. For her, she takes on a new identity pretending to be a homemaker. The only question is for how long. And is the title family life really what he is looking for or is it rather something that he truly hates? In Vida de Familia, there are more unknowns than simple answers. Screened at this year's Sundance Film Festival, the joint work of Alicia Scherson and Cristián Jiménez combines the characteristic styles of both Chilean filmmakers: an unconventional sense of humor with the aura of mystery and a study on the tension that exists between family relationships and individualism.

Adam Kruk

Alicia Scherson

Born in Santiago in 1974, Alicia Scherson completed a degree in Biology before studying Film in Cuba and the United States. After returning to Chile, she founded the La Ventura production company and began directing. Her debut, Play (2005), was an award winner at the Tribeca Film Festival and in Karlovy Vary. Her other films include Tourists (2009) and The Future (2013)-a screen adaptation of a novel by Roberto Bolaño-starring Rutger Hauer, which was an award winner in Seattle and Rotterdam. Family Life marks her first time collaborating with Cristián Jiménez.


2005 Play

2009 Turistas / Tourists

2013 Il futuro / The Future

2017 Życie rodzinne / Vida de Familia / Family Life (co-dir.)

Cristián Jiménez

Cristián Jiménez is a Chilean director and screenwriter. Before becoming a filmmaker, he studied Sociology, which comes through in his films, which explore social relations: his debut, Optical Illusions, which was screened in San Sebastian, and La Voz en Off, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. In Vida de Familia, filmed together with Alicia Scherson, he used the writing of Alejandro Zambra for the second time in his career. Jiménez also directs for television: El Reemplazante (2012-13) and the Chilean-Argentinian co-production Bichos Raros.


2009 Złudzenia optyczne / Ilusiones ópticas / Optical Illusions

2011 Bonsái

2014 La Voz en Off / Voice Over

2017 Życie rodzinne / Vida de Familia / Family Life (co-dir.)

Cast & Crew

director Alicia Scherson, Cristián Jiménez
screenplay Alejandro Zambra, Alicia Scherson, Cristián Jiménez
cinematography Cristián Petit-Laurent
editing Soledad Salfate
music Caroline Chaspoul, Eduardo Henriquez
cast Jorge Becker, Blanca Lewin, Gabriela Arancibia, Cristián Carvajal
producer Carlos Olivares, Fernando Bascunan
production Peso Pluma, Sagrado Cine
sales Visit Films
language Spanish
colouration colour