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Liberation Day

Morten Traavik, Ugis Olte
Latvia, Norway, Slovenia 2016 / 100’
If I Think of Germany at Night Selfcriticism of a Bourgeois Dog

The cult band Laibach has always engendered controversy. Not so much for their music, although their covers of famous hits by Queen and Opus quickly gained notoriety, as for their use of totalitarian symbols during performances. Accusations of promoting fascism did nothing to prevent them from accepting an invitation to a celebration marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Korean Peninsula from Japanese occupation. Exactly-the first rock band from the so-called rotten West to perform in North Korea was not, as noted by satirist John Oliver, The Rolling Stones, U2, or even a Michael Jackson imitator. It was in fact Laibach from the former Yugoslavia, who decided to play their own versions of songs from The Sound of Music. In Liberation Day, we see the musicians lost in the country of Kim Jung Un, where they struggle with the lack of technical equipment, cultural differences, and continuous interference by censors. Although the sight of what they are forced to deal with would make even Spinal Tap shudder, the show must go on. No matter what.

Marta Bałaga

Morten Traavik

Morten Traavik is a Norwegian director and artist born in 1971. He gained experience as a theater director in Russia and Sweden. He created the Miss Landmine project to draw attention to the harm caused by landmines. In 2010, he was embedded with the Norwegian armed forces. He has collaborated with North Korean artists on numerous occasions, and in 2015 he brought Laibach to the country, whose performance was the subject of his documentary Liberation Day.


2016 Liberation Day

Ugis Olte

Ugis Olte is a Latvian director, scriptwriter, and editor born in 1981. His documentary Double Aliens was made in collaboration with Georgian photographer Daro Sulakauri. He edited Audrius Stonys's film Ramin. In 2016, he co-directed, along with Morten Traavik, the documentary Liberation Day,about the band Laibach's performance in North Korea. The film has been screened at various festivals, including the prestigious IDFA Documentary Festival.


2008 Red Spot (short)

2008 KK2678 (short)

2015 Double Aliens

2016 Liberation Day

Cast & Crew

director Morten Traavik, Ugis Olte
screenplay Morten Traavik
cinematography Valdis Celmins, Sven Erling Brusletto
editing Gatis Belogrudovs, Ugis Olte
music Laibach
cast Morten Traavik, Boris Benko, Tomaz Cubej, Milan Fras, Mina Spiler, Slavoj Žižek
producer Uldis Cekulis, Morten Traavik
production VFS Films, Traavik.Info
sales Dogwoof
language English, Korean, Norwegian
colouration colour