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Land of the Little People

Yaniv Berman
Medinat hagamadim
Israel, Palestine 2016 / 83’
In Between Low Tide

Alarm, mobilization, military action. Another war has broken out in Israel. Families bid farewell to their soldiers, and the feverish anticipation for the return of their "war heroes" gets under way. Every family has someone who is waiting for someone or who has lost someone. For a group of local kids, however, the start of a new military action means a new freedom-nobody has time to keep an eye on them. Parallel to the military conflict, a local skirmish breaks out. The children are playing at an abandoned military base when two uninvited guests arrive and put an end to their peace. On top of that, the strangers are deserters from the Israeli Defense Forces. There is no place for such people in a country swept up in conflict. Land of the Little People is a reflection of Israel's militaristic society, which functions in the shadow of eternal conflict, under a constant threat fueled by its historical nationalistic policy. The film's motto is the eloquent quote by Theodore Herzl: For a flag they are willing to live and die...provided one educate them to it. Berman's film was produced by Palestinian Tony Copti.

Joanna Ostrowska

Yaniv Berman

Born in Haifa in 1977, Yaniv Berman is a director and producer. He graduated from the Film and Television Department at the University of Tel Aviv. His short film Even Kids Started Small was screened at the Cannes Film Festival (2006). Berman enjoyed another success with his documentary The Alpha Diaries, which was made over six years and tells the story of reserve service in the Israeli army. Land of the Little People, Berman's feature debut, was screened at the Shanghai International Film Festival 2016, among other places.


2001 My Last Novel (TV, short)

2002 Naked Laura (short)

2006 Gam Yeladim hethilu ktanim / Even Kids Started Small (short)

2007 Shalom Pluga Aleph / The Alpha Diaries (doc.)

2016 Kraina małych ludzi / Medinat hagamadim / Land of the Little People

Cast & Crew

director Yaniv Berman
screenplay Yaniv Berman
cinematography Rami Katzav
editing Oz Guttman
music Gad Emile Zeitune
cast Lior Rochman, Mishel Pruzansky, Amit Hechter, Ido Kestler, Ofar Hayun
producer Tony Copti
production Fresco Films, Noescapeteam, Royal Rat Productions
sales Pluto film
language Hebrew
colouration colour