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3 Women or (Waking Up From My Bosnian Dream)

Sergio Flores Thorija
3 zene or (Waking Up From My Bosnian Dream)
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico 2016 / 120’
A Heart of Love

Ivana (Ivana Vojinovic), Clara (Clara Casagrande), and Marina (Marina Komsic) pass one another on the streets of Sarajevo. While divided by their origins and status, they are united by their youth and hopes for a better life. Ivana works in a restaurant and supports her sick mother on her own. She dreams of going to America, and her fantasies take on a new reality the night she meets a handsome Texan in a bar. Clara is Brazilian. She imagined Bosnia to be a place where she would finally be able to live her own life. When she hears the voice of the muezzin in the courtyard of the old mosque, she is unaware that this portends a clash with the patriarchal, conservative face of Sarajevo. Marina bids farewell to a friend who is leaving for Sweden, at the same time saying good-bye to her hope of love. She is unable to tell even those who are closest to her that she is a lesbian. The static framing emphasizes her inability to move or change. In the Bosnia portrayed by Sergio Flores Thorija (he got to know the country as a student at Film Factory, the school founded by Béla Tarr), there are reflections of his native Mexico: a society that is also patriarchal, where life is hard, and where everyone just wants to escape. In the end, the dreams of people in both countries are shaped by Mexican soap operas.

Małgorzata Sadowska

Sergio Flores Thorija

Born in 1987, Sergio Flores Thorija is a Mexican director, screenwriter, and cinematographer. He graduated from Film Factory in Sarajevo, the film school founded by Béla Tarr. That was where his Bosnian Dream (2015) was born, which won the award for best short film at the Morelia Film Fest. He also developed a film school project into his feature-length 3 Women or Waking Up from My Bosnian Dream, co-produced not only by Film Factory, but also by Michel Franco, the director of After Lucia, Chronic, and April's Daughter, which are also part of the festival program.


2014 Tuga (short)

2015 Bosnian Dream (short)

2016 Trzy kobiety / 3 Zene or (Waking Up From My Bosnian Dream) / 3 Women or (waking up from my Bosnian Dream)

Cast & Crew

director Sergio Flores Thorija
screenplay Sergio Flores Thorija
cinematography Sergio Flores Thorija
editing Sergio Flores Thorija
sound Nick Leonardi, Levan Lomjaria, Anton Petersen
cast Clara Casagrande, Marina Komsić, Ivana Vojinović, Selma Memović, Adnan Kreso
producer Béla Tarr, Moisés Zonana, Sergio Flores Thorija
production Film.factory
sales Sergio Flores Thorija
language Bosnian, English
colouration colour