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Strange But True

Michel Lipkes
Extraño pero verdadero
Mexico 2017 / 93’
Photon The Impossible Picture

Michel Lipkes electrified New Horizons audiences with his radical debut Malaventura, presented during a review of new Mexican cinema in 2012. In the literal sense of the word, he extracted from the darkness a silent old man living the last day of his life on the streets of Mexico City. This time he tells the story of Jonathan and Yesi, two garbage men enamored with one another, traipsing the streets of the capital and communing with all that is disgusting and discarded, surrounded by gangs of bad or broken people. In this world, they cannot keep their hands clean of violence. In his second film, Lipkes introduces more movement and a more complicated story; the elegant black-and-white cinematography emphasizes the painterly quality of impoverished surroundings of rags, plywood and human thriftiness. Evil appears photogenic, more than words can express, and scenes that take place mostly at night have an ominous power. The film was made by a team of independent young artists centered around Axolote Cine: directors Gabriel Reyes and Rubén Imaz co-wrote it, the cinematography is the work of Gerardo Barroso Alcalá himself, while the music was again composed by Galo Durán.

Agnieszka Szeffel


Morelia IFF – 2016 IMPULSO MORELIA Work In Progress; Festival de Cine Mexicano de Durango 2017 - Best Film

Michel Lipkes

Michel Lipkes was born in Mexico City in 1978. He studied at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica film school from 1999 to 2006; he was FICCO (First Community Cooperative) Program Director from 2003 to 2008. His two short films have won awards at numerous international film festivals. He calls himself aChilango (a slang term used to describe people who came into the world and grew up in Mexico City). His full-length debut, Malaventura, was presented at New Horizons in 2012 during a review of Mexican Cinema. He founded the Axolote Cine production platform together with other independent filmmakers: Julio Bárcenas, Gerardo Barroso, León Felipe González, Rubén Imaz, Matías Meyer, María Novaro and Bulmaro Osornio.


2005 Escupir contra el viento (short)

2008 El niño sin piernas no puede bailar (short)

2011 Nieszczęście / Malaventura / Misadventure

2017 Niesamowite, ale prawdziwe / Extraño pero verdadero / Strange But True

Cast & Crew

director Michel Lipkes
screenplay Rubén Imaz, Michel Lipkes, Gabriel Reyes
cinematography Gerardo Barroso Alcalá
editing León Felipe González, Michel Lipkes
music Galo Durán
cast Alberto Aguayo, Carlos Alvarado, Ernesto Bertaud, Alfredo Blanco, María Evoli, Kristyan Ferrer
producer Matías Meyer, Michel Lipkes
production Axolote Cine
sales Michel Lipkes
language Spanish
colouration b&w