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The Human Surge

Eduardo Williams
El auge del humano
Argentina, Brazil, Portugal  2016 / 100’
The Future Perfect The Winter

Three continents, three countries: bored Argentinian boys spend their time roaming around their neighborhood or engaging in cybersex, just as their peers from Mozambique wander through the jungle, while those from the Philippines bathe in forest lakes. In his full-length feature film debut, Eduardo Williams does not so much observe his protagonists, who are constantly on the move, as he hurries after them, listening in on their conversations, examining their surroundings, recording the seemingly unattractive details of their daily lives and the spaces where they play out. Williams' film comes across as a raw, almost unprocessed documentary record of life. But both the narrative structure and visual elements are extremely well thought-out and refined: the director makes use of a variety of cameras, multiplying screens, and images from various media intertwined with one another, leading us through both the private world of the protagonists and our entire planet. He offers a subdued and wide-ranging reflection on modernity: on technology, work, globalization, place, privacy, and humanity.

Karolina Kosińska

Eduardo Williams

Born in Argentina in 1987, Eduardo Williams is a director who lives and works in Paris. He studied at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires and at the Studio national des arts contemporains in France. Having already shot several short films that walked a fine line between the worlds of fiction and documentary, he made his full-length feature debut, The Human Surge, which won the Filmmakers of the Present award at the 69th Locarno Festival.


2011 Tan Atentos (short)

2011 Pude ver un puma (short)

2012 El ruido de las estrellas me aturde (short)

2013 Que je tombe tout les temps (short)

2014 J’ai oublié (short)

2016 El auge del humano / The Human Surge

Cast & Crew

director Eduardo Williams
screenplay Eduardo Williams
cinematography Alice Furtado, Joaquín Neira, Eduardo Williams
editing Alice Furtado, Eduardo Williams
cast Sergio Morosini, Shine Marx, Domingos Marengula, Irene Doliente Paña, Chai Fonacier, Manuel Asucan, Rixel Manimtim
production Ruda Cine, Un Puma
sales Ruda Cine
language Spanish
colouration colour