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Everything Else

Natalia Almada
Todo lo demás
Mexico 2016 / 98’
Birds Are Singing in Kigali Film awarded in New Horizons International Competition

Working as a civil servant, Doña Flor has spent 35 years giving out identification cards. She goes through the same routine every day: she eats breakfast, commutes to work on the crowded metro, spends hours behind a desk surrounded by petitioners, commutes back home, plays with her cat for a little while, eats dinner, and goes to bed. Besides the people that she has contact with at work, Doña Flor does not talk to anyone. To strangers, she is all but invisible, and her colleagues also treat her as if she were not there. If she were to suddenly disappear, no one would even notice her absence. Paradoxically, the only place where she does not perform repetitive, mechanical movements is the swimming pool, a place where she seeks solace and comfort. When everything else fails, the mysterious power of the water pulls her in and reminds her of the past. In her feature debut, Mexican-American documentary filmmaker Natalia Almada tells the story of a lonely middle-aged woman caught in the trap of habit and everyday life. In doing so, Almada is extraordinarily sincere and natural. She does not adorn the ordinary, refraining from adding any unnatural colors or flavors. However, the main character's routine is incredibly absorbing: every gesture, every change, every movement has an unexpected impact. Especially since Doña Flor is played by one of Mexico's national treasures: the phenomenal Adriana Barraza (BabelAmores Perros).

Magdalena Maksimiuk


Palm Springs International Film Festival 2017 – Cine Latino Award – Special Mention

Natalia Almada

A Mexican-American photographer and documentary filmmaker, Natalia Almada lives in Mexico City and San Francisco. In her work, she takes on subjects related to Mexican history, culture, and politics. Her films are often shown at festivals around the world, where they have won numerous awards, including at Tribeca, Chicago, and Palm Springs. She receivedthe award for Best Director at the Sundance Festival for The GeneralTodo lo demás is her full-length feature film debut.


2001 All Water Has a Perfect Memory (short)

2005 Al otro lado (doc.)

2009 El general (doc.)

2009 The 8

2011 El Velador (doc.)

2016 Wszystko inne / Todo lo demás / Everything Else

Cast & Crew

director Natalia Almada
screenplay Natalia Almada
cinematography Lorenzo Hagerman
editing Natalia Almada, Dave Cerf
cast Adriana Barraza, Alejandro de Icaza
producer Natalia Almada, Alejandro de Icaza, Rune Hansen, Noah Kadner, Monica Reina
production Altamura Films, Casa Productora lo demas, Les Films d’Ici, Simplemente, Tita Productions
sales Altamura Films
language Spanish
colouration colour