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The Winter

Emiliano Torres
El invierno
Argentina, France 2016 / 97’
The Human Surge Wild Roses

Acclaimed as the hit of this year's San Sebastian Film Festival, The Winter upends the themes that rule Westerns. Here, the clash of the good guy with outlaws plays out not on sunbaked sand, but in snow-covered mountains. What is more, the good guy is not a white gunslinger, but Jara, an Indian. The man takes care of sheds and animals in southern Patagonia, which is deserted in the winter. Emiliano Torres tells his story in the spirit of slow cinema - nearly without dialogue, in long takes, interrupted mainly by shots and wind gusts. At the same time, we follow the tale of 70-year-old Evans, Jara's predecessor, who spent his entire life in the mountainous solitude. He must deal with the return to society, being forced to retire and replaced by a non-white. Meanwhile, Jara faces loneliness, his own demons, as well as people who reject him for his origins and skin color. Torres's debut is a reflection on manhood and is rich in meaning.

Artur Zaborski


San Sebastián IFF 2016 - Jury Prize; Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema 2016 – Prix du Syndicat Français de la Critique de Cinéma, Best Actor

Emiliano Torres

Born in Buenos Aires in 1971, Emiliano Torres is a director and screenwriter who gained experience on the sets of a number of films. He was the second director on Emanuele Crialese's films: Golden Door (2006) and Terra Ferma (2011). In 1991, he graduated from the Universidad de Cine ("La Fuc") in Argentina's capital. His credits include a few short films, two of which-TheEpisode (1992) and Far (1994)-earned some acclaim. In 1996, he worked on the direction team for the film Moebius. Marking his directorial debut,The Winter has been shown at a number of festivals, including in San Sebastián and Zurich.


1992 The Episode (short)

1994 Far (short)

1996 Moebius

2016 Zima / The Winter / El invierno

Cast & Crew

director Emiliano Torres
screenplay Emiliano Torres, Marcelo Chaparro
cinematography Ramiro Civita
editing Alejandro Brodersohn
music Cyril Morin
cast Alejandro Sieveking, Cristian Salguero, Adrián Fondari, Pablo Cedrón, Mara Bestelli, Violeta Vidal
producer Alejandro Israel, Emiliano Torres, Raphaël Berdugo, Ezequiel Borovinsky, Ezequiel Capaldo
production Wanka Cine, Ajimolido Films, Cité Films, Orange Studio, RTA, Tronco
sales Tamasa
language Spanish, Guarani
colouration colour