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Masterclass: Carlos Saura

Mistrzowska lekcja kina: Carlos Saura

moderator: Agnieszka Drewno

Carlos Saura

Born in Aragon, Carlos Saura comes from a family with rich artistic traditions (his mother was a pianist and his brother a painter), a fact that had an impact on Saura's interests and erudition. He completed his studies in Film Direction in 1957 in Madrid-where he also studied Engineering and Journalism-with the documentary La tarde del domingo (Sunday Afternoon). Then, combining the traditions of documentary and feature films, he made The Delinquents, and his 1966 film The Hunt launched a nearly 20-year period of collaboration with producer Elías Querejeta, which provided him with relative creative freedom under the dictatorship of General Franco. During this period, Saura primarily made psychological and family dramas that were camouflaged in how they related to the political situation on the Iberian Peninsula. Marked by lyricism and dream states and drawing on Spanish literature (Calderon, Sender, Lorca) and painting (Ribeiro, Murillo, Goya), Saura's films are highly original auteur works. Saura is also a master of dance and musical films, examples of which include his operatic Salome and Carmen and his ballet starring Cristina Hojos and Antonio Gades, Blood Wedding.