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Things to Come

Mia Hansen-Løve
France, Germany 2016 / 100’

Nathalie (played by the wonderful Isabelle Huppert) is a passionate philosophy teacher who likes what she does, and often encourages her students to take part in intellectual discussions in class. Privately, Nathalie divides her time between her husband, her two adult children, and her slightly crazy mother, who is in need of her attention. One day, her stable life takes an unexpected turn, as her husband leaves her for another woman. Nathalie has to make a new life from scratch, and she does so in a rather peculiar way. In making this original, ironic portrait of a woman at a crossroads in life, Mia Hansen-Løve intelligently raises questions about what happiness and freedom are and how to accept and deal with the most unexpected twists in life. The film often returns to Nathalie's philosophical education, searching for analogies between the wisdom found in books by great thinkers and the banality of everyday life. Like in the former, Things to Come has no room for simple answers.

Katarzyna Wolanin


Berlin IFF 2016 - Best Director; Bucharest IFF 2016 - Best Director

Mia Hansen-Løve

Mia Hansen-Løve was born in Paris in 1981. She started her adventure in film as an actor, appearing, at the age of 17, in Olivier Assayas's Late August, Early September. She studied at the French National Academy of Dramatic Arts (CNSAD) in Paris. She has also written for the prestigious Cahiers du Cinéma. Her first film, All Is Forgiven, was nominated for a Caesar and won the Louis Delluc Prize for best debut feature. Her films regularly screen at the world's top festivals.


2007 Tout est pardonné / All Is Forgiven

2009 Ojciec moich dzieci / Le père de mes enfants / Father of my Children

2011 Żegnaj, pierwsza miłości / Un amour de jeunesse / Goodbye First Love

2014 Eden

2016 Co przynosi przyszłość / L'avenir / Things to Come

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Cast & Crew

director Mia Hansen-Løve
screenplay Mia Hansen-Løve
cinematography Denis Lenoir
editing Marion Monnier
music Olivier Goinard
cast Isabelle Huppert, André Marcon, Roman Kolinka, Edith Scob, Sarah Le Picard
producer Charles Gillibert
production CG Cinema
Polish distributor Aurora Films
language French
colouration colour