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Nicolette Krebitz
Germany 2016 / 97’

In this case, the title certainly does not lie: this film is a wild and unfettered display of imagination. Suffice it to say that the main character has an erotic dream in which she falls into the arms of a wolf, which is only foreplay for what comes next. Ania and the wolf also get together in real life despite everyone and everything. With her defiant attitude to the world, Ania is unable to find a place for herself among people. She cannot understand their hypocrisy, pretending to be someone they are not and trying to hide their impulses and instincts. Her four-legged bridegroom has no problem with this-he does not have to rely on menacing looks so as to inspire respect or to pretend that he is interested in more than fresh meat and sustaining the species. This wild, hipster film represents one of the most interesting voices from among the contemporary protest generation. With grace and style, Nicolette Krebitz gives the finger to capitalism and its offspring: corporations, loans, and other forms of enslavement.

Artur Zaborski

Nicolette Krebitz

Nicolette Krebitz is an actress, director, and screenwriter born in Berlin in 1972. She directed her first film at the age of 11. She attended ballet and film school. She has appeared in films both in Germany (Bandits,1997; The Tunnel,2001) and abroad (All the Queen's Men,2001). She appeared on the cover of New Order's album Get Ready and Terranova's Close the Door. Fettes Brot and Tocotronic recorded the song Nicolette Krebitz wartet for her, a cover of Bananarama's Robert DeNiro's WaitingWild screened at the Sundance Film Festival.


2001 Jeans 2001 Mon Chérie (short)

2007 Das Herz ist ein dunkler Wald

2009 Deutschland 09 - 13 kurze Filme zur Lage der Nation (segment Die Unvollendete)

2016 Dzika / Wild

Cast & Crew

director Nicolette Krebitz
screenplay Nicolette Krebitz
cinematography Reinhold Vorschneider
editing Bettina Böhler
sound Rainer Heesch
cast Lilith Stangenberg, Georg Friedrich, Saskia Rosendahl, Pit Bukowski, Joy Maria Bay
producer Sascha Verhey
production Heimatfilm GmbH + Co. KG
Polish distributor Bomba Film
language German
colouration colour