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Kleber Mendonça Filho
Brazil, France 2016 / 140’

Contrarily, Filho centers his film on Dona Clara, a representative of the upper middle class, an independent, liberated woman who is also lonely, a woman who loves people, scenic places, and pretty trinkets. Clara has been fighting something her entire life: first the cancer that disfigured her body, then sadness after the death of her husband, and finally the ruthless developer who wants to turn her townhouse into a concrete apartment block. For Clara, the place is of great importance, as it is full of memories-familial, loving, painful, and ecstatic. In the role of Clara, the aging Sonia Braga is a phenomenon, a beautiful woman of incredible elegance who possesses a quiet strength and an endearing subtlety. Aquarius is intimate and epic, as it portrays the protagonist in the autumn of life along with all the experiences that, throughout the decades, have shaped her character, sensitivity, and lifestyle, teaching us to be humble and to leave the past behind, glorifying instead the here and now. On the sun-washed beaches of Recife amid the nostalgic rhythms of bossa nova.

Katarzyna Wolanin

Kleber Mendonça Filho

Kleber Mendonça Filho was born in 1968 in the Brazilian city of Recife. After his studies, he worked as a journalist and wrote for many national magazines. In the 1990s, he made short, documentary, and experimental films. He also founded the CinemaScópio production company. He made his debut in 2012 with the film Neighboring Sounds, which earned him numerous awards, including at festivals in Rotterdam, Toronto, and Rio de Janeiro. He also captured awards from critics and journalists at the T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival.


2008 Critico (doc.)

2012 Sąsiedzkie dźwięki / O Som ao Redor / Neighbouring Sounds

2016 Aquarius

Cast & Crew

director Kleber Mendonça Filho
screenplay Kleber Mendonça Filho
cinematography Pedro Sotero, Fabricio Tadeu
editing Eduardo Serrano
music DJ Dolores
cast Sonia Braga, Ana Paula, Irandhir Santos, Humberto Carrão, Zoraide Coleto
producer Émilie Lesclaux, Saïd Ben Saïd & Michel Merkt
production CinemaScópio Produções, SBS Productions
Polish distributor Aurora Films
language Portuguese, English, Mandarin, Persian
colouration colour