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Portrait From Memory

Krzysztof Ćwik
Portret pamięciowy
China, Poland 2016 / 5’

A mysterious man, the caretaker at a hilltop temple with a slingshot in hand, returns to the events of the war from 1942. He takes walks and he speaks. He talks about the invasion of Japan and Burma. At the same time, the exact same historical events are being played out on the set of a Chinese television series. Shot in black-and-white to provide a contrast to the contemporary era.

Joanna Ostrowska

Krzysztof Ćwik

Born in Świdnica in 1978. Graduated from a technical school with a specialization in Architecture. Studied at the Academy of Artistic Photography in Wrocław. Worked at the Viewfinders and Specialsauce photography studios in Amsterdam. After returning from a trip to the Far East with his friends from the group Karbido, who were working on Table Around Cage, he made the film Everything Music, which was inspired by the ideas of John Cage and the music of Karbido. Is currently working at the Polish Theater in Wrocław.


2015 Everything Music

2016 Portret pamięciowy / Portrait From Memory (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Krzysztof Ćwik
screenplay Krzysztof Ćwik
cinematography Krzysztof Ćwik
editing Krzysztof Ćwik
music Zbigniew Kozera
cast Tajemniczy karzeł z procą
producer Krzysztof Ćwik
language Chinese, English
colouration colour