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Asia Mina

Maciej Gryzełko
Tu Do
Poland 2015 / 4’

Wolves are a common element in every episode, accompanying each protagonist, from a man bathing in the icy waters of a frozen lake to a woman exercising in a greenhouse. Somewhere in the background, there is a person looking at a gigantic aquarium filled with fish. Someone else is hunting as part of a group of masked forest “warriors.” This music video was made for Asia Mina’s song Tu Do from the album Biało.

Joanna Ostrowska

Maciej Gryzełko

Photographer, editor, director. A graduate of the Film School in Łódź and of the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia in Katowice. A recipient of a Marshal of Silesia culture scholarship. A fan of interactive narratives and works involving photography, film, and sound design.


2015 Tu Do / Asia Mina (videoclip)

Cast & Crew

director Maciej Gryzełko
screenplay Maciej Gryzełko, Mariusz Rychłowski, Katarzyna Goczoł
cinematography Mariusz Rychłowski
editing Maciej Gryzełko
music Asia Mina
cast Magda Herwy, Leszek Naziemiec, Dawid Parobek, Ryszard Gaweł, Adrian Wędlikowski, Arek Gaweł
producer Mariusz Rychłowski, Maciek Gryzełko
colouration colour