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Goran The Camel Man

Marcin Lesisz
Poland, Georgia 2016 / 17’

Goran is Roland Charles Verdon from Switzerland. For 27 years, he has been traversing the Silk Road on his own so-called Gypsy wagon, along with his dogs, goats, and a camel. He has managed to complete the route through Mongolia, Iran, Turkey, Italy, and France twice. Lesisz’s film is a portrait of this unusual traveler and contemporary nomad. It was made while Goran was visiting Georgia.

Joanna Ostrowska

Marcin Lesisz

Director, cinematographer, photographer, traveler, student of cinematography at the Department of Radio and Television in Katowice and a graduate of the Graduate School of Arts and Design in Łódź. Originally from Lower Silesia. Has completed numerous projects with artists from the region. The president and founder of the Lubin Film Group Uisel Studio, whose purpose is to cultivate regional values by making short documentary and feature films, as well as music videos.


2016 Przystań / Marina (short, doc.)

2016 Goran The Camel Man (short, doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Marcin Lesisz
screenplay Marcin Lesisz, Edyta Zajdlic
cinematography Marcin Lesisz
editing Edyta Zajdlic
music Lucyna Wielopolska Lorenc
cast Roland Charles Verdon
production Stowarzyszenie Lubińska Grupa Filmowa Uisel Studio
colouration colour