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Glass Ballerina - Creatures, Wraiths and Monsters

Bartłomiej Leszek
Glass Ballerina – Stwory, zmory, potwory
Poland 2015 / 4’

A young girl lives in a big house, where she is afraid to spend the night alone. She is surrounded by various creatures. At first, she barricades herself inside the house. Later, with the help of an ally, she starts to fight them. She shows no mercy in carrying out a bloodbath with the help of an ax. This animated music video by Bartłomiej Leszek and Irmina Tota was made for a song by the group Glass Ballerina.

Joanna Ostrowska

Bartłomiej Leszek

Born in 1992, Bartłomiej Leszek is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, where he is studying Media Arts. Also born in 1992, Irmina Tota is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, where she is studying Graphic Design. Together, they form the Bear'n'Girl collective, which makes animations, music videos, short videos, and 3D mapping.


2015 Glass Ballerina – Stwory, zmory i potwory / Glass Ballerina - Creatures, Wraiths and Monsters  (videoclip)

Cast & Crew

director Bartłomiej Leszek
screenplay Bartłomiej Leszek, Irmina Tota
cinematography Bartłomiej Leszek, Irmina Tota
editing Bartłomiej Leszek, Irmina Tota
music Glass Ballerina
producer Bartłomiej Leszek, Irmina Tota
colouration colour