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Jonasz Wiewiór
Poland 2016 / 8’

The 21st century: modern society is devoid of interpersonal relationships. Everyone aspires only to have as much information as possible. When people get an error message, they fall into a panic. No one functions like a living being anymore; everyone resembles a machine. For the maker of this animation, Infokind refers to a new kind of human being, to citizens of the information society.

Joanna Ostrowska

Jonasz Wiewiór

A graduate of the Karol Szymanowski General Music School in Wrocław. Also studied at the Wrocław School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. At the same time, he was developing his skills in stop-motion animation. His first short film, Der Musiker, depicts the life of an artist, using a pianist as an example. He was part of a jazz band for three years while at music school. Has accompanied numerous vocalists, including Annie Kamińska in Hotel Breslau.

Selected filmography

2013 Der Musiker (short)

2014 The Battle of Trafalgar (short)

2016 Infokind (short)

Cast & Crew

director Jonasz Wiewiór
screenplay Jonasz Wiewiór
cinematography Jonasz Wiewiór
editing Jonasz Wiewiór
music Jonasz Wiewiór
producer Jonasz Wiewiór
colouration colour