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Iwona Bielecka
Poland 2016 / 5’

An astronaut is trying to fix a problem that has appeared in the system. He is all alone in an enclosed space reminiscent of an spaceship. During the course of his work, he comes across some surprising “objects.” When he takes his helmet off, he starts seeing completely different images that had previously been “impossible to see.” Iwona Bielecka’s music video was made for Sławomir Kupczak’s song Novella for Computer.

Joanna Ostrowska

Iwona Bielecka

Born in 1985. An acclaimed fashion photographer, as well as a commerical and music-video director, including for Julia Marcell and Mama Selita, among others. Has won numerous awards. Took part in the 48 Hour Film Project Warsaw, during which she made the short film A co tu widzisz? (And What Do You See Here?).

Selected filmography

2008 Matrioszka – Julia Marcell (vidoclip)

2012 Miejski Sound – Pezet (videoclip)

2014 Na pół – Mama Selita (videoclip)

2016 Novella (videoclip)

Cast & Crew

director Iwona Bielecka
screenplay Iwona Bielecka, Grzegorz Załuski
cinematography Mikołaj Syguda
editing Iwona Bielecka, Grzegorz Załuski
music Sławomir Kupczak
cast Krzysztof Broda-Żurawski
production Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny
colouration colour