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Floating on Fire

Bartek Bartos, Piotr Bartos
Poland, USA 2015 / 50’

This film by the Bartos brothers tells the story of the Floodwall installation dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina by New Orleans-based artist Jana Napoli. In 2005, two months after the hurricane, Jana began working on Floodwall, which was made up of hundreds of drawers taken from the destroyed homes of New Orleans residents. The installation has been presented in New York, Houston, New Orleans, Austin, Hamburg, Manheim, Berlin, and Wrocław. In 2010, Jana decided to burn her Floodwall.

Joanna Ostrowska

Bartek Bartos, Piotr Bartos

Bartek (born in 1979) and Piotr (born in 1984) are a Wrocław-based filmmaking duo. Bartek, a director, producer, and screenwriter, is a graduate of the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia, specializing in Film and Television Production. Piotr is a cinematographer, editor, and, first and foremost, an artist. Bartek has produced documentary films for Dutch television. He has also directed cultural and entertainment programs for TVP2, TVP Kultura, and TVN. Piotr is a freelance artist working in the fields of experimental film, photography, and graphic art. His multimedia installation Seven Seasons was presented at New Horizons in 2008. In 2013, the brothers opened the MANIFIESTAfilm studio in Wrocław, which is dedicated to the production of auteur cinema. The film Boy with a Frog, their joint full-length directorial debut, captured the top prize in the Zoom Competition during the 14th edition of the New Horizons International Film Festival. Floating on Fire is their second full-length documentary, which made its world premiere at the festival in New Orleans (2015).



2014 Chłopiec z żabą / Boy with a Frog (doc.)

2015 Floating on Fire (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Bartek Bartos, Piotr Bartos
screenplay Bartek Bartos
cinematography Piotr Bartos, Bartek Bartos
editing Piotr Bartos, Bartek Bartos
music Maciej Zieliński
cast Jana Napoli
production Manifiesta Film, Soundflower Studio
language English
colouration colour