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Michał Stenzel
Germany,Poland 2015 / 6’

Lisa is attacked in a dream by an old woman with a bloodied mouth. She stabs her with a knife. This kind of nightmare is impossible to forget. Lisa and her friend are wandering around in search of food. There are no longer any old people on Earth. Those who survived fight to live another day. The world is a post-apocalyptic vision dominated by post-industrial buildings. One of them is incredibly similar to the one from Lisa’s nightmare.

Joanna Ostrowska

Michał Stenzel

An independent filmmaker from Koszalin who has been living in Wrocław for eight years. Collaborates with a large number of cultural institutions in Wrocław, including European Capital of Culture 2016, Wrocław Contemporary Museum, and the National Forum of Music. Has organized international film activities, including Film Rave in Poznan, Wroc&Roll Kino in Wrocław, and Kino Perła in Lublin. Makes films both in Poland and abroad.


2009 Pomiędzy / Between (short)

2015 Surowe / Raw (short)

Cast & Crew

director Michał Stenzel
screenplay Michał Stenzel
cinematography Raphael Federer
editing Michał Stenzel
music Joshua Kucharski
cast Mor Lankri, Annina Nusko
producer Hamburger Kino, Michał Stenzel
production Hamburger Kino
language English
colouration colour