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Konrad Aksinowicz
Poland 2015 / 5’

A funeral is taking place in a village. During a modest wake, the family mourns the deceased. Elegantly dressed, they all take the coffin to the cemetery only to then take it back home. We suddenly start going back in time. This black-and-white music video was directed by Konrad Aksinowicz for the song Krystyno by Mikromusic.

Joanna Ostrowska


Yach Film Festival 2015 – Yach za scenariusz

Konrad Aksinowsicz

Born in Wrocław in 1978 and raised on three 1980s phenomena: Star Wars, LEGO, and The Muppet Show. Konrad began making short films when he was still in high school, including Alabama (1996), for which he received an award from the Ministry of Education. He received a scholarship from the School of Visual Arts in Sydney. Returned to Poland in 2004 and Founded a company called Moustache, along with Konrad Stefaniak and Wojtek Zieliński. Made his feature-film debut five years later with Zamiana.


2009 Zamiana

2012 UFO w Piekarach (short)

2015 W spirali / Into the Spirale

Cast & Crew

director Konrad Aksinowicz
screenplay Konrad Aksinowicz
cinematography Wojtek Zieliński
editing Maria Zuba, Marta Michno
music Mikromusic
cast Natalia Grosiak
producer Agnieszka Chromicka
production Chroma Pro Agnieszka Chromicka, Warner Music Poland
language Polish
colouration colour & b&w