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Study of the Forest

Jerzy Wypych
Poland 2016 / 3’

An image of an empty road leading into a forest. The forest appears to be the filmmaker’s favorite place for observation. His “watching” is accompanied by a specific type of music that the filmmaker reversed and slowed down. The soundtrack was created using an old Casio synthesizer (recorded on an iPhone). A short experimental film.

Joanna Ostrowska

Jerzy Wypych

Born in Kalisz in 1994. Is studying Cultural Studies with a specialization in Film at the University of Wrocław.


2016 Study of the Forest

Cast & Crew

director Jerzy Wypych
screenplay Jerzy Wypych
cinematography Jerzy Wypych
editing Jerzy Wypych
music Jerzy Wypych
producer Jerzy Wypych
language Polish
colouration colour