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Guerrilla 71

Partyzantka 71
Poland 2015 / 4’

Nighttime, a campfire on the banks of the Oder. Three friends—artists named Beeboy, Dżejpa, and Opiat—are taking part in a shamanic ritual. On the one hand, this is meant to be “a journey into the unknown” that begins with an innocent joint; on the other, “a modern hymn to the independent underground scene.” From skulls, figurines of pagan idols, a gun, fire, and mysterious substances, through animated genre scenes similar to gifs.

Joanna Ostrowska


Born in Poland, a self-taught photographer, director, cinematographer, and visual artist. A fan of arthouse cinema and filmmakers such as Alejandro Jodorowsky, Harmony Korine, Werner Herzog, and Krzysztof Skonieczny. Tarniu has produced around 30 short film projects, mainly music videos, including for the Alkopoligamia.com label, as well as for Wrocław-based rappers such as Dżejpa, a.k.a. Juan Martin Naborati. Collaborates with the KODXINV clothing brand, which represents the vaporwave Internet subculture.

Selected filmography

2013 Woła Cię miasto / Beeboy x Dżejpa x Jankes PM (videoclip)

2103 Okrągły Horyzont / ZETENWUPE (videoclip)

2015 Lux Familiar - U Wnt Mr + Benncart (videoclip)

2015 Regime Brigade

2015 Partyzantka 71 / Guerilla 71 / Beeboy x Opiat x Dżejpa (videoclip)

Cast & Crew

director Tarniu
screenplay Tarniu, Beeboy, Dżejpa, Jędrzej Zator, Oksana Płotnicka, Patrycja Czesnowska, Mateusz Kaufhold, Aldona Jankowiak
cinematography Tarniu/Jędrzej Zator
editing Tarniu
music Opiat, Dżejpa, Beeboy
cast Beeboy, Dżejpa, Opiat
producer Beeboy, Opiat, Dżejpa
language Polish
colouration colour